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Polymers or plastic are high molecules, and very stable and inert to normal environments. This is important property of polymer resins to convert into many different types of articles. In the packaging industry, while it is important to use polymers for films, bottles, caps for consumer products; it can be an environment problem as the packages remain very stable after use. In certain applications, it is desirable to enable the polymer package to be self degradable after usage for a certain period of time.

Degradation profile of LDPE / HDPE film which containing a oxodegradable additive OXIUM under accelerated QUV testing equipment.

Actual field test according to ASTM D-5208 : Standard Practice For Exposure Of Photodegradable Plastics.

Conclusion : (see photos of actual field test on next page)
Smaller count of Tensil Strength and smaller percentage of Elongation mean weaker strength of the film – leading to degradation. The sample film with Oxium additive tested above comply with the passing criteria of the ASTM D-5208 (Standard Practice For Exposure Of Photodegradable Plastics).